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Studenica wine

Studenica wine
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Prokupac 1186
A Prokupac from Studenica, a guardian of the taste and smell of the Župa vineyards and the monastery..
890.00 Din.
Studenica's red wine
Studenica's red wine..
550.00 Din.
Studenica's red wine-cabernet sauvignon
Studenica's red wine-cabernet sauvignon    ..
995.00 Din.
Studenica's red wine-hrisovulja
Studenica's red wine-hrisovulja..
2,290.00 Din.
Studenica's sweet wine-wine for holy communion
Studenica's sweet wine-wine for holy communion..
550.00 Din.
Studenica's white wine
Studenica's white wineRespecting the ancient monastic tradition of growing and processing grapes, th..
480.00 Din.
Studenica's white wine-reč bela tamjanika
Studenica's white wine-reč bela tamjanika..
790.00 Din.
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