The sayings of one godsend

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This is no ordinary book. Its compiler did not write it to make it famous. If he had that intention, he would not have hidden his name. We know for sure that he was only, as he calls himself, "a Christian by the grace of God, a great sinner by deeds, and a homeless seeker of God by vocation." The only goal of this God-enlightened soul, with the humility of the saints, was to glorify with his testimony and experience the Name which is above every name and in which is the only salvation for men (cf. Acts 4:12), Lord and God and our Savior Jesus Christ. The very way of writing the book testifies that the writer did not write it according to his own desire, but according to the desire and request of another, out of humility and obedience, for the spiritual benefit of others. And God really rewarded his humility a hundredfold. More than a hundred years have passed since the appearance of the first edition of this book, and it is not only not losing, but it is gaining more and more importance. For more than a hundred years she has walked, like a joyful messenger of God, from soul to soul, from heart to heart, throughout the vast Russia, the earthly homeland of her writer, and beyond, throughout Europe, in Russian but also in other languages, and tirelessly comforts countless seekers of God, hungry and thirsty for the bread and water of Life…

Number of pages: 252

Soft cover

Serbian cyrillic

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