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Prokupac 1186
A Prokupac from Studenica, a guardian of the taste and smell of the Župa vineyards and the monastery..
890.00 Din.
Studenica's red wine
Studenica's red wine..
550.00 Din.
Studenica's red wine Cabernet Sauvignon
Studenica's red wine-cabernet sauvignon    ..
995.00 Din.
Studenica's red wine Hrisovulja
Studenica's red wine-hrisovulja..
2,290.00 Din.
Studenica's white wine
Studenica's white wineRespecting the ancient monastic tradition of growing and processing grapes, th..
480.00 Din.
Studenica's white wine - Reč Bela Tamjanika
Studenica's white wine - Reč Bela Tamjanika..
790.00 Din.
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