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Healing balms

Healing balms
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A balm for rheumatic problems
A mixture of honey, propolis and carefully selected herbs helps cleanse the body, flush out toxins a..
1,390.00 Din.
Balm for anemia
An unsurpassed balm for urinary tract inflammation, persistent bacteria and anemia. The grace of nat..
1,390.00 Din.
Balm for immunity
The balm is made from natural honey and a mixture of carefully selected herbs.The package is 500 gr...
1,690.00 Din.
Balm for respiratory organs
Unsurpassed for cleansing the respiratory organs. Facilitates the removal of mucus, as well as bronc..
1,400.00 Din.
Bronhi plus
Bronhi plusFact:It helps with bronchial asthma, catarrh of the respiratory organs (smoking disease),..
930.00 Din.
Cardio plus
Cardio plus:Fact:Cardio plus drops have a stimulating effect on the heart muscle by dilating its blo..
920.00 Din.
Immune plus
Immune plusFact:The drops have an anticancer effect, regulate cholesterol, blood glucose, improve th..
720.00 Din.
Propolis with pump
Propolis with pumpA natural antibioticremoves bad breathprevents infections of the oral cavity and p..
350.00 Din.
Revital balm
Revital balmPurpose:100% natural preparation. It is recommended for pain in the bone and joint syste..
950.00 Din.
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