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Easter matins
Number of pages: 78Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
390.00 Din.
Evergetid type
Hard cover.Weight: 950 grHeight: 24 cmWidth: 16.5 cmThickness: 2 cm..
1,500.00 Din.
General chanting
Number of pages: 347Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,500.00 Din.
God, where do you live?
Collected articles of Presbyter Aleksandar Jevtić.Paperback, Serbian Cyrillic.Weight: 350 grLength: ..
280.00 Din.
Holy Bible
Number of pages: 1513Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
2,300.00 Din.
Mental illness
Number of pages: 70Soft coverSerbian Cyrillic..
250.00 Din.
New Testament
Number of pages: 496Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
600.00 Din.
Orthodox Prayer Book 1
Hard cover with dry print and gold print,Weight: 500 grHeight: 17.5 cmWidth: 12 cmLength: 2 cm..
700.00 Din.
Orthodox Prayer Book 2
Hard cover with dry print and gold print,Weight: 250 grHeight: 15 cmWidth: 9,5 cmLength: 1,3 cm..
500.00 Din.
Number of pages: 127Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
550.00 Din.
Proceedings of the Church Songs
Number of pages: 819Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
2,500.00 Din.
Spiritual Songbook - Welcome Christ
Number of pages: 301Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
530.00 Din.
Stefan Nemanja
A set of works on Stefan NemanjaIt consists of two volumes with a total of 785 pages. The works were..
4,950.00 Din. 4,050.00 Din.
The Bible
Number of pages: 296Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,750.00 Din.
The first week of Lent
The clerk in the Church Slavonic language in two volumes. Hard cover, embossed cover decorated with ..
9,300.00 Din.
The Gospel
Number of Pages: 699Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
9,000.00 Din.
The New Testament
Number of pages: 795Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
950.00 Din.
The octavoice
Number of pages: 313Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,100.00 Din.
To parents and children
Number of pages: 48Soft coverSerbian cyrillic..
150.00 Din.
Tomorrow is Sunday
Number of page: 48Soft coverSerbian cyrillic..
350.00 Din.
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