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Akathists to the Holy Mother of God
Akathists to Holy Mother of God with the addition of illustrations of all miraculous icons of the Mo..
999.00 Din.
Akathists to the saints
"Holy God-pleasing ones, heal our infirmities"Akathists to the saints with the addition of illustrat..
999.00 Din.
Alphabet of pious life
Souls fragrant like basil, the old man Paisija was a great teacher and enlightener of all hearts thi..
590.00 Din.
Be faithful to death
Metropolitan Jovan of Petrograd, the archbishop of the Russian Church in its most difficult days, in..
990.00 Din.
Benevolence for every day
360 councils of ascetic fathers of the Church.Along with the Ladder, one of the most important books..
590.00 Din.
Biblical scale
The tragic situation in the Serbian people in terms of ignorance of the Orthodox faith, especially m..
720.00 Din.
Bishop Danilo Krstić The light of God's beauty
" In order to truly be Orthodox believers, we must reject the biggest lie of ungodly propaganda, the..
690.00 Din.
Christ in Russian dungeons
Through the narration of the Father-missionary, the soul of modern man appears before us in all the ..
320.00 Din.
Church Slavonic and Serbian Psalter
No other book glorifies God as the Psalter, which is useful for the soul. This book is like a sea th..
850.00 Din.
Dostoevsky's tempted thought
... "And can a man do anything else to deserve his Jacob's wrestling with God? we feel called to the..
390.00 Din.
Easter matins
Number of pages: 78Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
390.00 Din.
Evergetid type
Hard cover.Weight: 950 grHeight: 24 cmWidth: 16.5 cmThickness: 2 cm..
1,500.00 Din.
Exam without remedial
This book describes in a detailed and spiritually convincing way what happens to an immortal man who..
590.00 Din.
Father help me
At a time when reading the teachings of the fathers helps to stay on the path of Christ, the words o..
590.00 Din.
General chanting
Number of pages: 347Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,500.00 Din.
God, where do you live?
Collected articles of Presbyter Aleksandar Jevtić.Paperback, Serbian Cyrillic.Weight: 350 grLength: ..
280.00 Din.
He who celebrates Glory helps him
All Orthodox people receive spiritual nobility through Baptism and Communion and celebrate it as the..
590.00 Din.
Heaven on earth
The reader of these notes will have an interesting encounter with an interesting interlocutor, with ..
500.00 Din.
Historical and New Testament testimonies of Christ
"The centuries that followed, with complete fidelity, preserved the historical tradition of the past..
690.00 Din.
History of Serbs for children
The book is intended for you to read to children and bring them closer to the glorious days of Serbi..
950.00 Din.
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