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Saint Great Martyr George – Đurđevdan

Holy Great Martyr George This famous and victorious saint was born in Cappadocia as the son of rich and pious parents. His father died for Christ, and his mother moved to Palestine. When Đorđe grew up, he joined the army, where at the age of twenty he reached the rank of tribune, and as such was in the service of Emperor Diocletian. When this emperor began a terrible persecution of Christians, George stood before him and boldly confessed that he too was a Christian. The emperor threw him into the dungeon, and ordered that his feet be put on stakes and a heavy stone on his chest. According to this order, they tied him to a wheel, under which there were planks with large nails, and to turn him like that, until his whole body became like one bloody wound. After that, they buried him in a trench, so that only his head was out of the ground, and left him in the trench for three days and three nights. After that, through a magician, he gave him a deadly poison. But during all these torments, Đorđe constantly prayed to God, and God healed him instantly, and saved him from death to the great amazement of the people. When even one dead person is resurrected by prayer, then many receive the faith of Christ. Among these were the wife of the emperor Alexander, and the high priest Athanasius, and the farmer Glicerius, and Valerius, Donatus and Terinus. Finally, he condemned Tsar George and his wife Alexandra to be cut with a sword. Blessed Alexandra died at the funeral pyre before being cut down, and St. Đorđe was beheaded in 303. Miracles, which take place at the grave of St. George has no number. There is no count of his appearances in dreams and in waking life to many, who mentioned him and sought his help from then until today. Burning with love for Christ the Lord, it was not difficult for St. George to leave everything for the sake of that love: rank, wealth, royal honor, friends, and the whole world. For that love, the Lord rewarded him with a crown of everlasting glory in heaven and on earth and eternal life in His kingdom. The Lord still gave him strength and power to help all those who glorify him and call on his name in miseries and troubles.

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