Monastery wine – the best gift for the Saint Patrons Day

It’s already time for the celebration, and in connection with that, the eternal dilemma – what to present to the hosts for the occasion? What is certainly our tradition is that wine must be brought with any gift, but we are troubled by the question of how to choose the best one?! There are so many choices of wine that you can buy anywhere, but if you want to make a special impression on your hosts – you need a celebration wine that will stand out with its name, origin and quality. This is exactly what our monastery wine is, that is, wine made within the Studenica monastery!

Perhaps you are already familiar with the fact that monks have been engaged in various activities since ancient times, among others, the cultivation of grapes with the help of which the monastery wine was produced. This is how our tradition began back in the 14th century, when Emperor Dušan donated vineyards in the area of Aleksandrovac to the Studenica monastery. The vineyard plantings were restored after more than six centuries, and the new history of viticulture implies the cultivation of old autochthonous Serbian grape varieties: Prokupac and Bela Tamjanika, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

However, in order for the monastery wine to be worthy of its history and its name, and for you to feel all its charms, planting alone is not enough, but it is necessary to have knowledge and skills that combine traditional and modern wine production technology. With respect for the ancient monastic tradition in the cultivation and processing of grapes, the brotherhood of the Studenica monastery nurtured different varieties of grapes and produced several important wines, and the monastery wine for glory from our diocese, a guarantee of quality and our pride!

If you didn’t know until now, within the Diocese of Žička there is an online church store where you can find various church products, and monastery wines are just one of them. When you mention our church store and Studenic monastery wine, you will find the following wine for the celebration:

• Studenica white wine,
• Studenica white wine Reč – Bela Tamjanika,
• Studenica red wine,
• Studenica red wine 1186 – Cabernet Sauvignon,
• Studenica red wine Hrisovulja i
• Studenica sweet wine for communion.

For red wine lovers

The wine to be celebrated is the Hrisovulja barrique wine. Produced from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, hand-picked the ripest grape berries that ripened on the southern slopes of the hills of Negotinska Krajina were aged for 18 months in oak barrels. It is this special treatment that is responsible for the complex and intense taste, as well as the silky note of the dark-ruby colored wine, whose aroma and taste are reminiscent of vanilla, coffee and berries.

In addition to this barrique wine, our church store also offers a dry red wine – 1186 Cabernet Sauvignon, and in addition to this grape variety, it also contains 5% of the Merlot variety. This dark red monastery wine has a violet glow, it is persistent and full of aroma and texture, with a long-lasting and multi-layered taste reminiscent of blackberry and other fruits, vanilla and other spices. There is also a red wine for the glory of Pečat – Prokupac, produced from the autochthonous Serbian grape variety of the same name. It has a royal-ruby red color, a slightly gentler composition, but a special character and fruity taste dominated by fragrant notes of cherries and currants.

For white wine lovers

Although white wine is a rare choice of gift for celebrities, if you know that the hosts are fans of it, it is not wrong to choose a bottle of this wine. On the other hand, white wine will go better with lean appetizers, fish and other lean specialties, as well as desserts, especially those with nuts. When it comes to our church products, you can choose between Studenica white wine, which is obtained by blending noble grape varieties, or Studenica white wine Reč – produced from the white tamjanika grape variety. This ripe yellow-greenish wine has a fresh and full, harmonious and playful taste and aroma of sweet notes of citrus fruits.

Know that any monastery wine, as well as all other church products offered online by our church store, have our blessing and you can order them for delivery to the desired address anywhere in Serbia or abroad with payment by cash on delivery, payment cards (Maestro, Visa or Master ) or by payment to our dinar or foreign currency account. You won’t go wrong with whatever wine you choose for the celebration, and our church store is here to meet you and ensure that any church products are within your reach.

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