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Customs and celebratory gifts that preserve Serbian tradition

Autumn and winter are the times that are mostly associated with the celebration of the Epiphany, probably for the reason that in this period several saints are celebrated most often in Serbs, such as St. Nicholas’ Day, Arandjelov’s Day, Mitrov’s Day, St. John’s Day and others. The celebration of the baptism is passed down from generation to generation, and represents a centuries-long tradition of our people, and the celebration is one of the most important family holidays during the year, which commemorates and celebrates a certain saint – the patron saint of the home. Celebration customs can vary depending on where we live, but regardless – some things are constant, like how celebration is celebrated.
The celebration of the Patron Saint Day should by no means be a fashion show, but a family holiday where your dear and close relatives and friends will gather. The atmosphere should be celebratory, pleasant, full of love and warmth, and the celebratory meal depending on the host’s capabilities. What is indispensable when the glory is mentioned and without which there is no true celebration of the saint is the slavish cake, grain or kolivo, red wine and slavish candle. Well, let’s remember how glory has been celebrated since ancient times.

How to celebrate Patron Saint Day – customs for every Orthodox home

Many people today have wrong beliefs and views of how the Patron Saint Day is celebrated, how and when the glory is transmitted and similar misconceptions, and in the absence of time to prepare the celebratory table, they resort to various tricks that are not the best solution when it comes to the celebration of the baptismal glory. Because the essence of glory is hidden in its very name – God and the saint, protector and prayer representative of the family before God are glorified.

In the time leading up to the celebration, the priest comes to the host’s house to consecrate the water, and for this occasion the hostess should prepare a bowl of water, a small candle, a bouquet of basil, incense, a censer with a briquette, as well as a list of the names of the household. All this is placed on the table on which the saints icon stands, and it is desirable that when the priest arrives, all the household members are present at the table. Later, this sanctified water can be used to prepare the Slavic cake, cook the celebratory grain, or drink it.

The day before the celebration, the celebration cake is kneaded and decorated, and other necessary things, food and drinks are prepared to welcome and serve the guests. The same applies to every celebration – with the celebration cake, celebration grain is prepared, which depicts our faith in the resurrection, and it is necessary to prepare red wine and a large wax celebration candle whose flame represents the divine light that should shine in our hearts. The celebration cake is there as a symbol of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, while the wine poured over the cut cake symbolizes his blood that came from the wounds. It is customary to serve the cake to the host and the household first, and the rest is placed on the celebration table and served to the guests. The same applies to celebratory grain and wine, so don’t forget about these important customs of the Serbian tradition.

What to buy for Saint Patrons Day as a gift?

If you are not in the role of host, it is certain that you will be a guest at one of the coming baptism celebrations, and in this connection you are probably wondering what to buy for the celebration as a gift. For some people, it is easiest to choose certain classic items as a celebratory gift, and they are generally the most common choice, although there are also those for whom it is important that the celebratory gift be luxurious and original. Previously, this issue was not so important, and symbolic gifts such as wine, candy, flowers, coffee and the like were bought. However, today certain unique and original items are also chosen as celebratory gifts. For the host, the most important thing is that you come, but it is certain that you will want to leave a good impression and respect the custom of giving gifts. So then, what to buy for fame as a gift, unless it’s some common item?

Considering that wine as a gift for the celebration is somehow implied along with everything else, you can opt for monastery wine, because it will give a special stamp to your gift, and you will surely make your host happy with your choice. What you can never go wrong with when thinking about what to buy for the celebration as a gift is to opt for some of the church products. For example, a specific icon or glory kit can be an ideal glory gift for a host who has just taken glory; Candlesticks are suitable for a variety of special occasions, and in our church store you can find ones made of brass, wood, ceramic or rustic candlesticks. Also, censers and lamps are items that every Orthodox house should have, and there are also numerous other religious items that can serve as celebratory gifts for everyone’s taste.

Be that as it may, a gift is not to be taken for granted, so whatever gift for fame you decide on – you will not go wrong, because the most important thing is that the glory be celebrated in peace and well-being. Cheers!

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