Clergy and Temples

Clergy and temples

Priesthood is a sacred secret that is a pledge of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Church, which he acquired with his blood, he constantly works in it with the Holy Spirit, as its divine founder and head. His constant presence in the Church is announced by Bishops, presbyters and deacons and He works through them, because they are His helpers, collaborators and outstretched hands. By ordination, priests receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies them and places them on a certain level of hierarchy in the Church. Just as he gave the Apostles the authority to teach and minister, so he also gives authority to the Church hierarchy as Shepherd and Guardian of our souls. Just as the Apostles received a special gift from God to go around the world and present Christ to people in all the many aspects of his person and work, so the clergy in the Church receive the gift of the Holy Spirit of God to maintain and announce Christ’s presence and action. In our online store you can find everything you need to perform all the duties and tasks that are placed before the priest.

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