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Liturgical books

Liturgical books
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ApostolNumber of pages:Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
5,000.00 Din.
Easter matins
Number of pages: 78Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
390.00 Din.
General chanting
Number of pages: 347Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,500.00 Din.
Gospel interpretation - Omilije
Number of pages: 424Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
600.00 Din.
Orthodox Prayer Book
Number of pages: 222Hard coverSerbian cyrillicSize:12.5 x 17 x 1.5..
390.00 Din.
Proceedings of the Church Songs
Number of pages: 819Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
2,500.00 Din.
Number of pages: 223Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
320.00 Din.
Number of pages: 207Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
390.00 Din.
Responding on the Holy Liturgy
Responding on the Holy Liturgy with holiday antiphonsNumber of pages: 109Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
200.00 Din.
Service book
Number of pages: 345Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,000.00 Din.
Spiritual Songbook - Welcome Christ
Number of pages: 301Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
530.00 Din.
The act of consecration of the temple performed by the archbishop
Number of pages: 43Hard coverChurch Slavonic language..
300.00 Din.
The Gospel
Number of Pages: 699Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
9,000.00 Din.
The Gospel
Number of pages: 699Hard coverserbian cyrillic..
20,000.00 Din.
The octavoice
Number of pages: 313Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,100.00 Din.
Throne Gospel
Gospel, a luxurious edition, richly decorated with relief shackles and ornaments.Weight: 4500 grHeig..
37,900.00 Din.
Troparion and Kontakion
Number of pages: 112Soft coverSerbian cyrillic..
199.00 Din.
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