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Liturgical books

Liturgical books
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ApostolNumber of pages:Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
5,000.00 Din.
Easter matins
Number of pages: 78Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
390.00 Din.
General chanting
Number of pages: 347Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,500.00 Din.
Gospel interpretation - Omilije
Number of pages: 424Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
600.00 Din.
Orthodox Prayer Book
Number of pages: 222Hard coverSerbian cyrillicSize:12.5 x 17 x 1.5..
390.00 Din.
Proceedings of the Church Songs
Number of pages: 819Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
2,500.00 Din.
Number of pages: 223Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
320.00 Din.
Number of pages: 207Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
390.00 Din.
Responding on the Holy Liturgy
Responding on the Holy Liturgy large formatNumber of pages: 24Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
490.00 Din.
Service book
Number of pages: 345Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,600.00 Din.
Spiritual Songbook - Welcome Christ
Number of pages: 301Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
530.00 Din.
The act of consecration of the temple performed by the archbishop
Number of pages: 43Hard coverChurch Slavonic language..
800.00 Din.
The first week of Lent
The clerk in the Church Slavonic language in two volumes. Hard cover, embossed cover decorated with ..
9,300.00 Din.
The Gospel
Number of Pages: 699Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
9,000.00 Din.
The Gospel
Number of pages: 699Hard coverserbian cyrillic..
20,000.00 Din.
The octavoice
Number of pages: 313Hard coverSerbian cyrillic..
1,100.00 Din.
Troparion and Kontakion
Number of pages: 112Soft coverSerbian cyrillic..
199.00 Din.
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