The holly Bible - Old and New testament

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The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments

Translated from the Hebrew by Prof. Dr. Dragan Milin. Professor Milin, as an excellent connoisseur of the ancient Hebrew language and theologian, took his work very seriously and approached it thoroughly, devoting a full 9 years to the translation itself in consultation with Dr. Lenart de Regt, a Dutch Hebrew expert and consultant for new translations of the United Bible. societies. During his work, Dr. Dragan Milin collaborated with the lecturer Ivana Vujnović. What is characteristic of Dr. Milin's translation is that he strived to remain faithful to the spirit of the Hebrew language, and so the Old Testament text is characterized by strict accuracy. That is why this translation is in great demand. The size of the Scriptures allows for a larger font and is therefore easier to read.

Hard cover

Number of pages: 1336 + pages for notes.

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